Totus Ideation

Why share?

We are passionate about what is possible and collaborating with amazing people to better understand and solve the challenges across organisations – from the large corporate to the virtual team – we look at all kinds of issues from strategic alignment, to optimising your talent through cutting edge diversity practices, to creating the workplace of the future.

Our collaboration of writers will ask and answer questions – through articles, interviews and blog posts. We  will explore different issues that we see our clients and other organisations face and we bring different ideas to the fore to challenge the status quo and bring about innovative change.

What’s in a name?

tōtus – the latin word meaning whole, all, entire, total, complete, every part.

i·de·a·tion – the formation of ideas or concepts.

We believe that the process of creating the idea is as important as the idea itself. Our process is collaborative, it involves engaging people with different perspectives, it means asking questions and listening (genuinely listening) to different views. Through its open process we believe that you take an idea to a place you never could have arrived at by yourself. We believe the smartest person in the room is the room itself – and that’s what we aim to provide with Totus Ideation.

Join the conversation with us?

We are on a mission to be at our best through mutual learning, and help you be at your best to reach your full potential.

This is our creative milieu. We want to hear from you and we’ll explore the issues you raise through collaboration.

Let’s start a conversation.

Heidi & Hamish